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Tokyo Nakano,  Since 1998​, ​Phone: +81-3-6300-6287


Arrangement of Authentic Japanese Shrine Wedding Ceremony

Traditional Clothing in the Best Locations for Affordable  Packages

Your most precious memories with a touch of Japan

At loverly locations
At the Studio
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Location Photo Plan 88,000yen~

A serene place is most suitable for wearing traditional costumes. 

Whether getting a blessing for both your futures in a Shinto shrine or simply enjoying the cozy Japanese scenery, we invite you to try it!


Driving to the site and back by car, including all arrangements ; hairdressing, make-up and assistance in wearing a Japanese traditional Kimono.

Set of accessories included.

The photographs includes  6 poses, 100 shots (DVD-R).

※5 hours include clothing, etc.

Weekday 88,000 yen (tax-excluded)
◆2 shots plan 110,000 yen (including colorful Kimono change)

Saturdays and Sundays, and holidays:
110,000 yen (tax-excluded) 
◆2 shots  plan 132,000 yen (including colorful Kimono change)

Traditional Shinto Wedding  : 

         220,000 yen / 275,000(weekend)

Shinto ceremony held at prestigious shrine led by a Shinto priest.

A guide and the transportation to and from the site by car, arrangements, hair and make-up, assistance with wearing the Japanese traditional Kimono.

The set of photographs includes 6 poses, 100 shots by data (DVD-R).

※6 hours include clothing, etc.

Optional request : Available 

  • Album-making : 8,000 yen~

  • Video recording : 19,800 yen~

  • Second attire (Romantic dress, etc)

  • Nail and Beauty Services 

  • Hotel accommodation

  • Wedding consultation (Free)


Kimono Studio Plan  59,800 yen~

Casual reasonable plan,  including all arrangements ; hair dressing, make up and assistance with wearing the Japanese traditional Kimono.

Set of accessories included.

The studio photographs includes  4 poses, 50 shots by data (DVD-R).

※3 hours include clothing, etc.   

Weekday 59,800 yen (tax-excluded)

  •  2 shots plan 74,800 yen (including colorful Kimono change)

 Saturdays and Sundays, and holidays:
79,800 yen (tax-excluded) 

  • 2 shots  plan 94,800 yen (including colorful Kimono change)

  • Romantic dress plan 48,400 yen~ 

All dresses in Libertme is originally designed and made with pure silk.

Kid's Studio Plan  11,000 yen~

Shichigosan is a celebration for kids of ages of 3, 5 and 7. It is held at a shrine in November.

Traditional "Shichigosan" Plan

 Kids aged 3 and 5 : 44,000 yen

 Kids aged 7  : 59,400 yen(weekday)

Casual reasonable plan,  including all arrangements ;

assistance with wearing the Japanese traditional Kimono.

Set of accessories included.

The studio package includes  4 poses, 50 shots (DVD-R).

※Includes hair dressing and makeup for Kids aged 7 

※3 hour event includes clothing, etc.   

Traditional Costume for kids

Studio Photo Plan : 11,000 yen~

Cherish your kids' fast-paced growth with  our services to keep those precious memories on excellent photos.

Very reasonable Casual plan includes  2 poses, 50 shots (DVD-R).

If you would like your kids to use their own  attire, we would encourage it.  

※1/2 hours necessary    

About Us


Wedding Salon Liberte-me 


Post:  〒164-0012

3‐30‐9 Homncho Nakano Tokyo 

Tel:    +81-3-6300-6289

Fax +81-3-6300-6290

Open Mon.-Fri. 11am to 7pm. closed.

Voice from Customer

We have been a big fan of Japanese culture for a long time now and have always wanted to have our wedding at a traditional Japanese Shrine.
We have been looking forward to wearing Kimonos on our wedding day and I was really impressed with how they explained everything to us including how the wedding was to proceed as we had no idea how different it is with our own ceremonies.
We also had a couple of requests that we hoped to do during the ceremony and everybody was very polite and accommodating while giving us a list and other ideas to add in the wedding.

We are proud of our professional photographers, hair and makeup artists and studio. The studio is a part of Libert-me, general wedding coordinator. I assure, you will get high quality photos on your special day.

Please feel free to ask any questions or request to us by phone (+81-3-6300-6287) or email ( ). 

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 Liberteme Studio All right Reserved

Nakano Tokyo, TEL +81- (0) 3-6300-6289 (English Available)


Bridal Salon Liberte-me 


Post:  〒164-0012

3‐30‐9 Homncho Nakano Tokyo 

Tel  :  +81-3-6300-6289

Fax :  +81-3-6300-6290

Open Mon.-Fri. 11am to 7pm. closed.

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